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Vision and Mission

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Global Leading Edge 2010

Seoul National University Dental Hospital is a leading forerunner in progress and development of dentistry and is the preeminent center for nurturing responsible specialists with uppermost expertise and competence.

We always provide patient-oriented dental care and share our abundant knowledge and advanced technology with other countries to become and internationally supreme hospital in the dental field.

We play a leading part in development of the national policies on oral health and sanitation, based on the persistent interest and devotion to medically underprivileged people, and become a hospital that everyone can trust and lean on.

Core Values

Ownership + Passion + Responsibility + Esteem

Seoul National University Dental Hospital Vision Emblem

Explanation of the Colors : Red represents energy, passion and healthy life. Blue represents hope, peace, trust, youth, medical treatment and up-to-date dentistry.

  • The two semicircles symbolizing harmony of the East and The West fuse in one circle to represent the whole world.
  • The sharp-edged point of the semicircles portray Seoul National University Dental hospital as a leader of advanced dental technology in the world.
  • The slanted figure of the whole circle expresses dynamics and progressiveness with the repeated Mobius strip applied to express the ceaseless will for improvements in education, research and treatment in dentistry.
  • The over-all figure of the emblem symbolizes Seoul National University Dental Hospital as a provider of the world’s best treatment, medical service and leader in the dental field.