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Parking Lot

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Regular parking payment

Regular parking payment
Section Price Note
Week days
6 AM ~ 10 PM
Free: 15 min.
Regular charge: first 30min 1,500KW
(500 KW for every additional 10 min)
Additional fee will be charged every 10 min after the first 30 min
Night parking
10 PM ~ 6 AM
1,000 KW

Discount on parking charge

Discount on parking charge
Section Free time Note
Short parking Free Parking for less than 15 mins
Appointment for treatment
Payment for hospitalization
1 hours Present patient registration card or receipt
The same day treatment, any examination 4 hours Present patient registration card or receipt
treatment at 2 or more departments for one person
8 hour Present patient registration card or receipt
Hospitalization, discharge, operation (present day) 24hours
(One day)
Parking card (Assigned by registered ward nurse)
The same day treatment + hospitalization One day
hospitalization, operation, discharge, emergency patients
24hours Patient registration card or receipt
Man of National merit, Disabled, light-weight vehicles 50% exemption Certificate, self driving

For guardian of hospitalized person

Purchase the commutation ticket at general affairs office (1 day : 10,000 KW, additional day : 10,000 KW)

Refund of miscalculated  parking fee

Submit patient registration card or receipt with parking receipt to parking management office to get a refund

Contact of parking management office