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About Admission and Discharge

  • Admission/Discharge : 82-2-2072-3871
  • Ward : 82-2-2072-3856, 3852

Admission procedure

  1. Admission determined
  2. Come back on day of admission
  3. Go through admission procedure
  4. Room assignment
  5. Admission completed
  • Decision : See your doctor, then schedule the date of surgery.
  • Admission Procedure:
    • On the day of admission, fill out the Admission/Discharge Agreement Form at the Admission/Discharge Desk on 2F.
    • Complete the procedure and submit the Admission Decision Form to the nursing office at the ward on 7F. You will be directed to your room by the nurse.
  • Reminder for Admission and Payment
    • Eligibility for Joint Guarantor on Admission/Discharge Agreement
      You are required to provide the details of the joint guarantor for your payment upon completing the Admission/Discharge Agreement. Anyone with property or a job is eligible (excluding the patient or spouse).
    • Necessary Items after Admission:
      You can purchase the admission kit (measuring cup (800cc), a pair of slippers, a towel, a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap) or bring your own.
      You may bring any other items for the patient or guardian (e.g., a blanket for the guardian).

Discharge Procedure

  • Decision:

    Your doctor will determine whether you are ready to be discharged. Once it has been determined, the nurse will walk you through the procedure.

  • Discharge Procedure
    • Payment: You will be guided through the payment process. Make the payment at the Admission/Discharge Desk on 2F.
    • Outpatient Appointment: Your doctor will set the appointment date. You may pay the bill and go straight to the department on the day of the appointment.
    • Medication upon Discharge: If there is any prescription for medication you need upon discharge, the relevant information will be provided to you.
    • Requests for any medication or for a doctor’s note may be done at the Outpatient Desk at the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department.
  • Fee Calculation of Hospital Room

    The day of admission is included in the fee calculation of the room. However, the day of discharge is excluded from the fee.
    (Note: 50% of the discharge day fee will be charged if you are discharged after 6:00 p.m.)

  • Interim Bill during Admission
    • Day of Issuance: The bill is sent to your room every Tuesday.
    • Payment: Admission/Discharge Desk (Lobby, 2F)
  • Hours

    You can go through the discharge procedure at the Admission/Discharge Desk until 18:00 on weekdays and until 13:00 on Saturdays.

Care after Discharge

  • Diet:

    soft porridge (until stitches are removed) next porridge (up to a month after surgery) next regular meal. Refer to your doctor for details.

  • Activity:

    daily routine activities (up to 2 months after surgery) next light exercise.

  • Brush teeth/use anti-bacterial mouthwash (up to 3 days after stitches are removed) next use toothpaste.
  • You can take a shower/bath (3 days after stitches are removed), or wash your hair.
  • Use the anti-bacterial mouthwash after eating/drinking and before going to bed (until stitches are removed).
  • For medication after discharge, you will be given antibiotics, digestive medicine and painkillers. Take them starting from the afternoon on the day of discharge.