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About International Dental Care Service(IDS)


The Seoul National University Dental Hospital provides International Dental Care Service (IDS) for foreign residents in Korea.We have dental hygienists who are dedicated to help foreign patients, not only with communication, but also with counseling, making an appointment, treatment and payment throughout the process to make it a convenient experience for the patients.
- Registered Dental Hygienist : Kyung Ah Kim
  • Appointments
    • Tel : Domestic (Seoul 02) 2072-0753, 4722/ INT. (+82-2) 2072-0753, 4722
    • Fax : Domestic (Seoul 02) 2072-4108 INT. (+82-2) 2072-4108
    • E-mail :
    • Homepage :
    • Requirements : Date of birth or Alien Registration Card(ARC) number, name, gender, phone number, address and nationality
  • Direct Billing Service(Cashless Service)
    • For Private Insurance Holders We have contracts with the agencies (or assistance company) below. : INT'L SOS, Tricare (121), Embassies, CIGNA International, etc.
      Please contact your insurance company to get a GOP (Guarantee of Payment) letter prior to your appointment. If your insurance company does not have a contract with this hospital, you have to pay the bill by yourself first and claim back to your insurance company later. For more information about private insurance, please contact IDS.