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Dental caries(tooth decay) is caused by the following 4 factors.
1. Oral Microorganisms : Type, Characteristics, Activity, Amount
2. Host Factor : Tooth condition, Saliva condition, Medical condition
3. Lifestyle Habits : Dietary habit, Oral hygiene ability
4. Time : Total consuming time to get dental caries
The Dental Caries Activity Assessment is a test that identifies risk factors which affect caries development in each individual, analyzes them, and present an objective caries-risk level. The test items, which are conducted in the Dental Clinical Laboratory Center, are carefully selected in order of importance among the above 4 multi-factors.
Especially, the amount of cariogenic oral-bacteria like Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacilli is a high-risk factor that affects the development of tooth decay. In the Dental Clinical Laboratory Center, the colony numbers of those bacteria are presented after incubating samples in the selective medium, which can be used as a potential indicator of dental caries activity in each individual. These bacteria tests enable clinicians to make right decision for proper and effective interventions.

-Person who has more numbers of tooth decay compared to others
-Person who has new tooth decay more often despite oral health care
-Person who has partial denture / tooth crown and bridge / orthodontic appliance
-Senior person who is concerned about root surface decay
-Oral cancer patient who is scheduled to receive radiation treatments or who has received radiation treatments
-Thyroid cancer patient who is scheduled to receive radioisotope treatments or who has received radioisotope treatments
-Dry mouth patient
-Sjőgren syndrome patient